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My Humanitarian Trip to Zimbabwe, Africa Doing Hospice Volunteer Work

January 11, 2018

In this episode, I will share my lifechanging experience doing volunteer hospice work in Zimbabwe, Africa in 2012. Coming from the United States where we are very priveledged to have plenty of medical supplies and lots of medicine to help with the suferring that can accompany the end of life process- it was heartbreaking to see those affected by such high level of end of life processes with little to no of the medical support that we have in the US. What they did have was one another and the power of presence. The incredible hospice there would take a neighbor and train them to sit with the neighbor who was dying and teach them how to guide both the patient and the family through the end of life process. A concept that was so beautiful and effective. One that reminded me of how "Doulas" are used for assisting woman during pregnancy. This was the beginning of the birth of my End of Life Doula Training now known as Doulagivers. Doulagivers is a holistic training that teaches the doula how to care for the elderly and end of life patient through all three phases of end of life- physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are truly a global community and need to support one another in every way we can. xo Suzanne

      I am so gratful to Island Hospice for all they taught me and for the warm welcome and support from all the people of Zimbabwe. Please visit their website and see the wonderful work they do.


New Dawn of Hope- Care for Children and Adolescents in Zimbabwe, Africa 


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