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Doulagivers End of Life Doula Family Caregiver Training Level 1 Week 1

January 7, 2018


Our award winning Family Caregiver Training is a global outreach.

Learn the Skill, Change the World 

In this episode, I will share the first class of the End of Life Doula family caregiver training. This podcast will go over The Shock Phase - The moment someone gets a terminal diagnosis. You will learn how to be a support to both the patient and their loved ones at this very critical time.The Doulagivers ® Family Caregiver Training allows families to regain and learn the skills of how to care for a dying loved one. This was something that was handed down generation-to-generation 100 years ago. We are bringing this skill back and it is changing the world.

Learn how to care for someone who is dying through all three phases of end-of-life.  We are pleased to offer Doulagivers Family Caregiver Training.  The information presented in this training is appropriate for everyone: family, caregivers, volunteers, and community members.  Participants will learn about the three phases of end-of-life and the interventions they can use to provide comfort and support to both the patient and their loved ones.  This workshop empowers individuals to embrace the concept of community; caring for each other at the end of life.


Doulagivers Level 1 training was a Godsend for me and my friends. I found Suzanne’s class while researching how to support a friend who was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive, terminal brain cancer. The class is offered for free and provides all the helpful information we needed to support our friend during his end of life experience. I gained so much through this course, that I ended up going back and donating money for the class! Do yourself a favor and take this course, and if you can, donate! It’s more than worth it! Thank you Doulagivers and Suzanne for making a terrible loss a little less scary and much more profound. ~ Eternally Grateful Jana H. United States

“The four week FREE End of Life Doula Training Level 1 webinar was absolutely amazing. I love online studies and opportunities for personal growth and this course definitely has to be one of the very best I’ve had the chance to partake of to date. It is such important knowledge that I believe it should be included in every high school /university curriculum. Suzanne engages learners in a personable, compassionate and practical manner. She takes serious subjects and makes them empowering through providing knowledge and a skillset that anyone can employ for a more positive end of life experience either for themself or when caring for those they love. I am forever grateful for this course and cannot recommend it highly enough. Susan D. Thailand

“I had no idea how useful our little training last month would become. I was able to , myself, be at peace, say goodbye, and have no regrets.  The gift you have given me is absolutely priceless.  I couldn’t have done all that a month ago.  I am very tired, but will sleep well tonight knowing that I am honoring my grandmother in her very important process to the end of her life here on earth.  Thank you so very much.” Nancy W. United States


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